Wednesday, February 16, 2005

missing you

A short note to AJ Moniques..

My Dear Blue Sky:

Are you still way up there and walking down thru the horizon just to hold me? While its been a long time for me not to tell you about all my vain for missing you. Not for a quite long time. Nothing at all. Because I'd rather to keep them all and let them burried down to the depth of my bottom heart, lay down in the darkness and turning around from time to time. While the ripples has never been flared up. I could never been able to turn it up to a huge wave and raise them up high where you were there.

Are you still way up there blueing the ocean of my desire that has never reached the shore? While you belong the spread of the cloud that never stop attempting to reach you up. I could never win this race. I could never beat all those cloudy face.

You belong to the spread of wings of the sea-mew dancing and floating in the air, turning around, flying up high to reach you out. I could never fly and taste the wonder of your smile.

You belong to the sun that never stop shining and sparkling, lighten all of your smooth blue skin, turning your face in to a navy blue.

It hurts me everytime I realize who we are. Its throwing me down to the depth of the lonelyness and pain. I aint got nothing but all vain. It turns me to ebb and leave the sea-shore pale and wrinkle. We were not meeting up in the line of the horizon, anymore. We've been separated by the unmeasurable number of time.

Will it be usefull for me to let you know all my desire that lay down in the bottom of my ocean heart that is unreached by your sight? Will there be a chance for us to holding each other, hugging each other, eventough it is just a mirage in the horizon? My wish will still be floating. It'll be there waiting.

At least let me driven out of your blue, because that's the only thing left in me. I could never own you, my dear blue sky


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